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The insignia adopted by VA-36 is a modification the Roadrunner insignia used by the first VA-36 squadron. The old insignia had been Roadrunner cartoon character, but the modification depicted a real bird with its primary enemy clutched in its talons. Colors for the insignia are: blue background and scrolls; silver and black bird with a red eye and tongue; yellow snake with black markings; and red lettering in the scrolls. VA-36’s insignia was tentatively approved by CNO on 6 April 1987.

Command History

30 Dec 1988: VA-36 deployed aboard Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) for the carrier’s maiden cruise to the Mediterranean Sea.

20 Jan–28 Feb 1991: The squadron participated in Operation Desert Storm, combat operations against Iraq.

Apr–Jun 1991: The squadron participated in Operation Provide Comfort, a multi-national operation providing relief and aid for Kurdish refugees in northern Iraq.

Mar–Sep 1993: The squadron, along with other units of CVW-8, deployed aboard Roosevelt (CVN 71) in a new approach to joint operations to test the Navy’s ability to project a wide range of power and mobility from the sea. The composition on the carrier during the deployment included the regular air wing, minus an F-14 and S-3 squadron, and a Special Marine Air-Ground Task Force consisting of a Marine Corps fixed-wing and helo squadron and a company of Marines. The mix of units provided the carrier with the ability to project air and ground striking power ashore from a single deck.

Jun 1993: The squadron, along with other units embarked on Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71), operated in the Red Sea in support of a strike on the Iraqi Intelligence Service headquarters building in Baghdad in response to Iraq’s attempt on the life of former President Bush while on a visit to Kuwait in April. During this time, the squadron also participated in Operation Southern Watch missions, enforcing the U.N. no-fly zone within southern Iraq.

There have been a total of 6 Commanding Officers of The Roadrunners as an A-6 squadron. The first, T. Lamar Willis served from March 6, 1987 to December 1, 1988. The last was Mark J. Himler. He served from September 23, 1993 until April 1, 1994.