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The squadron adopted the insignia used by the first VA-55. It was approved by CNO on 12 May 1983. Colors for the flying seahorse were: alternating white and dark green square blocks outline the circular insignia; the upper half of the insignia was light blue and the lower half dark blue; the waves were highlighted in white; the seahorse was light gray-green with white and dark green markings; the wings were gold with dark green markings; the flames from the seahorse and rocket were red, outlined in yellow; and the rocket was white with a red tip.

Command History

Chronology of Significant Events

25 Mar 1986: Due to the initiation of hostile fire by Libya on 24 March, a squadron aircraft attacked a Libyan Nanuchka II class guided missile patrol boat with Rockeye cluster bombs. The Libyan vessel was damaged by the attack and then sunk by a Harpoon strike from VA-85, an Intruder squadron operating from Saratoga (CV 60).

14–15 Apr 1986: Six of the squadron’s Intruders participated in an attack against Benina Airfield at Benghazi, Libya. Numerous parked aircraft were destroyed and the surrounding hangars, support facilities, aircraft aprons, and other airfield equipment and vehicles were damaged. These strikes were in response to the involvement of Libyan trained terrorists in a specific incident (Berlin disco bombing in which American servicemen were killed).

Aug–Sep 1989: Coral Sea (CV 43), with VA-55 embarked, was ordered to operate off the coast of Lebanon following terrorist claims to have killed an American hostage, Lieutenant Colonel William R. Higgins, and the capture of Sheik Obeid from Lebanon by Israeli forces. The unstable situation in Lebanon ultimately led to the evacuation of the American Embassy. Squadron aircraft flew missions in support of the evacuation.

22 Feb 1991: The squadron held a disestablishment ceremony at NAS Oceana. It was officially disestablished on 1 January 1991.

There have been a total of 5 Commanding Officers of The Warhorses as an A-6 Squadron. The first was CDR Stan Bryant in 1983 and the last was CDR John Henson.