Membership in the Association is open to all former officers or enlisted persons who, at any time, served a tour of duty in a Navy or Marine Corps Intruder squadron or who served in a capacity of providing direct support to a squadron (e.g., civilians providing contractor services at home base or aboard ship while the squadron was deployed). This includes former Intruder aircrew members, as well as past maintainers, ordnance, admins and civilian support personnel.

Membership Fees

Registrants can choose one of many fee options to include: $25/year; $45/two years; $65/three years; $100/five years and the new option of one-year auto renewal AT $25/year


Members will receive access to the password-protected Members Only section of this website. The Intruder Association's primary method of communication with its members is through this website and via email. The Intruder Association newsletter, the Windscreen will be mailed to all members bi-annually. The Windscreen will also be posted on the website.

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