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NATOPS Quiz #2
General Knowledge


1. The L FILTER or R FILTER light will illuminate with a minimum of _____ psi differential exists between the inlet and outlet of the fuel filter. ?


2. The Engine Push to Crank switch is powered by the ___________ circuit breaker.

Lat/Long Trim

3. The flaperons pop up to how many degrees?

20 +/- 5
33 +/- 3
39 +/- 3
51 +/- 4

4. The OXYGEN light on the annunciator panel indicates what?

contamination in the system
Pilot or B/N Oxygen switch in the OFF position
less than 2 liters of oxygen remaining or less than 50 psi in supply line
Cabin pressure above 8,000' and either oxygen switch in the off position

5. On preflight, the arresting-hook dashpot pressure should read:

1000 psi
1500 psi
600 psi
600 psi

6. For carrier operations the nose tires and main tires should be inflated to what respective pressures?


7. What is the MAX speed for retracting the landing gear?

185 KIAS
252 KIAS
250 KIAS
225 KIAS

8. If Terrain Clearance is selected, the minimum antenna scan angle is automatically set to :

±45 degrees
±60 degrees
±30 degrees

9. With SRTC selected, which two range bins were permanently coded?

1, 5
1, 7
1, 3
3 ,7

10. How can the pilot disable the laser?

Releasing and reselecting the COP trigger
Depressing the Nosewheel steering button
Depressing the automatic flight control emergency disconnect button
Depressing the manual release button


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